How to Find Ideal Prospects in and Export Them to Woodpecker


For effective cold email campaigns you need perfectly selected prospects. In an ideal case scenario, you should be able to browse people’s profiles to pick only those who match your ICP. Quickreach allows you to do that. And now, Quickreach integrated with Woodpecker to enable you to push those carefully picked prospects to Woodpecker with just two clicks.

This way, you’re able to save time on each of the three prospecting stages: searching for prospects, managing your prospect base, and managing your email outreach. Check how the integration works and how you can use it to safely add new contacts to your campaigns in Woodpecker.

What is Quickreach?

Quickreach is a prospecting tool that allows you to search companies matching your ICP and find contacts to people in those companies. You can search within the panel after logging into your account on their website, or your can install the Chrome extension to collect contacts of the right people when browsing companies’ websites.

We’ve reviewed the app before. Go to this post to read the interview with the founder Bryan Hackett and a descripton of our experience with the tool.

How the Woodpecker+Quickreach integration can actually help you?

But first things first, here’s what you can gain thanks to the integration:

Explore the new source of verified contacts

If you’re sending your email campaigns using Woodpecker, you constantly need new prospects. You can find the contacts in Quickreach, and then push them straight to a chosen campaign in Woodpecker.

Find contacts to new companies similar to your most loyal customers

Quickreach allows you to find companies that are similar to the companies you already enjoy working with. Then, it allows you to find specific people’s emails at those companies. That’s not really a feature of the integration itself, but it’s a great opportunity Quickreach gives you to find prospects matching your ICP more easily. And that’s really important.

Forget about .csv files, save time

The time you now spend exporting contacts to .csv from a prospecting tool and importing them to Woodpecker can be regained thanks to the integration. You’ll be able to conveniently and safely export your contact list from Quickreach to Woodpecker within just a couple of clicks.

Get a Quickreach paid account 20% off, lifetime

And on top of all that, the guys at Quickreach offer a special discount for Woodpecker users. If you decide to enroll in the premium subscription till the end of March 2017, you’ll get lifetime 20% off the price for a chosen plan. Here’s what to do to get the discount: before you decide to purchase a paid Quickreach account, email the Quickreach team and give them the promo passphrase “woodpecker mountain 2017”.

You can try Quickreach free by signing up for their brand new free trial option.

How does the integration work?

So, how do you actually connect Woodpecker to Quickreach? Here’s the process divided into simple steps:

  1. Log in to your accounts in Woodpecker and Quickreach.
  2. In Woodpecker, go to Settings > API Keys > Create a Key
  3. In Quickreach go to Account  > Integrations > Woodpecker API Key and paste the key you’ve generated in Woodpecker.


There, the two apps are now connected.

  1. Now, to export your contacts from Quickreach to Woodpecker:
  2. Go to a Manage lists in Quickreach. Pick a list to be exported.
  3. Use the button Export Contacts to Woodpecker.
  4. You will see a list of campaigns in Woodpecker. Pick the one that you want to add new prospects to.

Important note: You’ll be able to export contacts only to campaigns that are not running at the moment.

Why can’t I export contacts to running campaigns?

That’s because we wanted to give you a chance to preview the newly imported contacts in Woodpecker before your emails come out to those new prospects. We want you to feel secure while exporting contacts and sending emails, and that’s why we blocked the possibility of exporting contacts to running campaigns.

If you want to add some contacts to a campaign that is currently running, go to Woodpecker and pause it before the export. After you’ve pushed your contacts, check in Woodpecker if all the data you need for your emails have been properly imported. Edit the prospects’ data, if necessary, preview and resume the campaign.

Here’s a short video where you can see the export process presented by Bryan. Check this out for some visual quidance.

Check’s announcement of the integration on their blog.

What’s in it for you?

Two facts, which you may, or may not be already aware of:

#1 Quality prospecting does take a lot of time.
#2 The right targeting is a must for successful cold email campaigns.

By employing smart tools for the process of prospect list building, you can actually save some of the time without compromising the quality of your prospect base. Woodpecker and Quickreach integration was designed to let you build a complete system for B2B email outreach.

If you feel like collecting prospect bases may be a bottleneck in your outbound prospecting system, give the integration a try. This is a chance to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, by filling them with better targeted prospects faster.


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