5 Rules of Effective Email Follow-up

We talk a lot about cold emails, but not so much about follow-ups. We carefully craft our opening message, but we don’t seem to spend the same amount of time writing the follow-ups.

Meanwhile, experience shows that majority of prospects reply to the second or the third message from the sequence, and not directly to the first one. So we should focus on the follow-ups at least as much as we focus on the opening email. Here’s 5 crucial rules to keep in mind when it comes to effective email follow-up.

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3 Steps to Highly Personalized Cold Emails

Three questions: What’s the little big thing that makes our cold email interesting from the very first line? What makes our prospect feel that we really care about talking to them? What changes generic bulk emails into personal valuable messages? One answer: Personalization. And note that putting in our addressee’s first name in the salutation is not enough nowadays. Here’s how to create highly personalized cold email campaigns in 3 steps.

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How Do I Start B2B Cold Email Outreach?

Here’s how it usually looks like: we read Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross, we read some articles by people who have succeeded doing cold email, we download some PDFs from the people who have gained lots of new customers and partners for their businesses thanks to cold emails. We soak up all the theory until one day we think to ourselves: ok, now it’s time for practice. Sooo, where do I start… I mean, what do I do literally? This post proposes an answer to this crucial question.

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