Prospect List Building Tools Review Vol. 3:

In the third part of our Prospect List Building Tools series, I have a pleasure to present you and to introduce its founder, Bryan Hackett. We’ve been using Quickreach for some time now, and we wanted to show you the great tool that helps in finding prospects who match your Ideal Customer Profile and getting their contact information.

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UPDATE: Sadly, was shut down on March 31st, 2017 and the company no longer provides the service of prospect list building.

I’ve interviewed the Founder of – Bryan Hackett, who started quickreach in 2015  in Denver, based on his experience with product strategy clients. Bryan shared with me a lot of useful information about the company and their tool, which I want to present you in this post.


Bryan and his team have found that many new entrepreneurs are struggling with executing their “go to market” plans.  As Bryan rightly points out, understanding your Ideal Customer Profile is not as easy as finding your next customer. That’s why along with his team, he decided to build a platform to help companies “quickly reach” their B2B target market.

Having used quickreach, I’ve got no doubts the tool is constantly gaining numerous satisfied users. So far, the product has been helping companies like Galvanize or Drizly.

I asked Bryan 8 questions about quickreach, and below you’ll find his answers.

How would you describe in 4-5 sentences?

Bryan: Quickreach is an integrated business outreach data and workflow platform. It provides a suite of data and research tools that enable you to quickly build outreach lists.

What is the greatest benefit of using

B: You can spot sales and business development opportunities quickly.

It easily adapts to existing workflows.  You can import account lists from external sources, build lists through our data tools, and export to a third party sales automation tool (such as Woodpecker). Alternatively, you can use the Google Chrome extension to find individual contacts when you need them.

How does the process of building database look with

B: There are 4 simple steps, 3 of which are optional:

  1. Search for contacts within the panel, or directly on their websites using Google Chrome extension.  You instantly have access to their name, company, title, and verified email.
  2. (Optional) You can optionally create campaigns to organize contacts for review and export to CSV.
  3. (Optional) Search for companies in company search.
  4. (Optional) Use the mass prospecting feature to search an entire account list automatically.


Do I need any additional tools/add-ons to use efficiently?

B: No, we do not require an external data provider subscription to be effective. We do not connect to your LinkedIn account or access your private contact list.

What kind of information can I actually collect using

B: We provide important information for both prospects and their companies.

For individual contacts, we provide:

  • name,
  • email,
  • title,
  • company name,
  • social media profiles.

For company records:

  • name,
  • location,
  • the number of employees,
  • website,
  • social media profiles,
  • technologies used.

How many contacts can I have per month?

B: This varies based on the subscription package chosen. Our standard plans range from 200 to 1000 contacts per month. Custom plan limits are available upon request.

How much is it?

B: Our subscription packages are based upon “usage tiers” that can be shared by a team. They range from $49 to $199 a month. Our larger packages include a company search module with access to 2M companies. This roughly corresponds to $0.30 to $0.50 per contact, but it is not an exact comparison due to the inclusion of company data.

See’s full pricing >>

Is there a free trial?

B: There is not a free trial at present, but we are considering it as option in the near future. To test out quickreach, you can go to our website and request a demo, or install our Chrome plugin and contact us at [email protected] to set up an account.


Our experience with



Quality of contact search

The emails found by quickreach are top quality the tool will not be able to find contacts of all the people you request it to search for, but it once the email gets found, you can be almost sure that’s the correct and valid email address. Plus, the contacts are found in a blink of an eye. You don’t have to wait hours to get the emails  you click the request button and the email adress is there within seconds.

The range of info available in the panel

You can access different types of information about your prospect’s company right in the panel, based on their company domain. You’ll see a short description of the company, number of employees, the technologies the company uses (which is a great piece of info to use in a cold email), plus, you’ll be able to just click and get straight to the company website or their social profiles.


Clear interface & onboarding videos

We wish quickreach had the free trial, so you could all experience the interface (hope they’ll add the free trial soon). It’s amazing that the app started just last year, and they have an interface like that. It is simple, well-thought-out and as a result all functions look clear to the user. Plus there are a few short videos to get you started as quickly as possible – which is a huge plus for user onboarding.

Chrome extension

You can have the Chrome extension for free in addition to the quickreach’s panel. It’s great, because it can be used while searching through company websites of your prospects. You just go to a company website, and while you’re there you use the extension to find the appropriate people in the company and to request emails of those people later in the panel. You can use name search, or title search which is great, because it fits two different prospecting workflows.

If you start searching from LinkedIn or Twitter, you can go the company website and use the name to find your prospect’s contact info. And if you start from a directory of companies, like or, you can use the plugin on a found company website to search for the title that matches your ICP to find the names, and then request for the contact info.



Lack of free trial

Free trial would be a chance to showcase potential users all the great stuff in the panel. Really, quickreach is worth cheking out, but the only way to create an account is by contacting them via email or requesting a demo. We can see advantages of such an approach from the product point of view (the company decides who gets in and who doesn’t for some reason, plus they have a chance to talk to each of their potential clients). We get that and respect that.

But from the user’s point of view, it requires more time and effort to get an account permission to see the inside of the app and get started. That’s a pity, because the panel is great and self-explanatory, which is a great start to open the app for free trials.

Import of contacts

You can import a list of companies (domains) to quickreach, but we haven’t found an option to import a list of people at companies. The idea is to download companies, and then find the specific people in the panel, which may not match some SDR’s workflow.

To sum up

  • Quickreach is especially helpful if you have specified the profile of your ideal prospect company and you want to find contacts to the right people within organizations matching the profile.
  • It’s designed for collecting and veryfying email addresses, but you’ll also have access to various types of other information straight from in the interface – which is great for targetted outreach with highly-customized messages.
  • It has a handy Chrome extension that allows you to find people and store their contacts while researching their company websites.
  • The price per contact is not the lowest, but considering the amount of information you can acces along with the email address and the quality of email search, it’s definitely worth it.
  • You can, but you don’t have to use LinkedIn to prospect using quickreach. The tool matches various prospecting workflows.
  • There is no free trial yet, so if you want to try it out you need to request a demo or contact the team via email.
  • For such quite a young product, the interface and the range of functions looks really impressive. The tool is still being developed and improved.

Update: Since February 2017, has a native integration with Woodpecker. This means you can push the contacts collected in quickreach straight to your email campaign in Woodpecker. Read about details of Quickreach-Woodpecker Integration >>

And that would be it for the Vol. 3 of our review series. More tools and platforms for prospecting are coming soon on our blog, so stay tuned. Hope the series will help you discover tools that’ll fit into your prospecting process and cold emailing needs.

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