Prospect List Building Tools Review Vol. 10: RightHello



Today we’ve got the first prospect list building tool review in 2018, but it’s the 10th one in the series we’ve been running on Woodpecker blog for a while. This time I’ve interviewed Piotr Zaniewicz  the founder and CEO of RightHello, B2B outbound lead gen company that has just launched their list building application available as a separate service. Read more about how RightHello can fit into your outbound workflow.

About RightHello

RightHello a Polish sales startup that has been helping B2B companies from all over the world since 2014. For most of this time, they’ve been providing an all-in-one outbound service to their customers, from defining the ideal customer profile, through email list building, to creating and managing cold email campaigns.

Now, they still provide the same wide range of B2B outbound solutions, but you can order each of them as separate services. One of the services is a platform for prospect list building.

Over the years working with their customers and managing multiple cold email campaigns, they’ve gained invaluable experience in the field of building email lists and targeting for cold email campaigns. They’ve used the experience when working on their contact list building platform.

I had a pleasure to interview Piotr Zaniewicz, the founder and CEO of RightHello. He’s been dealing with marketing for a long while, acquiring customers for big-name companies like PwC or MTV and early-stage startups as well.

Piotr Zaniewicz
Piotr Zaniewicz


I asked Piotr a few questions about RightHello. Read his answers below to learn more about the contact list building application they’ve recently launched, and see if it’s a fit for your outbound sales process.

How would you describe RightHello in 4-5 sentences?

Piotr: RightHello is a service/app/platform that offers all components of a successful B2B outbound campaign. Ranging from contacts, through email pitches, strategy, technical setup, to an execution of the campaign. Most elements are stand-alone services so you can choose whatever you need at the moment. Just contacts? No problem. Some email pitches with it to get your outbound going? We’ve got you covered.

What is the greatest benefit of using RightHello?

P: I would say that it is saving the most precious commodity these days time. You would probably be able to find contacts manually, but imagine how long it would take to locate 5000 of them? And what about crafting an email pitch? Do you have enough time to experiment and find the most effective one in each industry you want to target? What we offer is our vast experience when it comes to gathering data and using it for cold mailing.

How does the process of building database look like with RightHello?

P: It’s really simple. First, you choose companies you would like to contact in our app. You can filter them by industry, location, size, a year when they were founded, and a couple more. When your company list is ready, you choose what position level or department you would like to contact – e.g. c-level, marketing, IT, HR.

Then, the magic happens. Our app either serves you with the complete list of contacts right away or takes some time to crawl the Internet looking for them. In extreme cases (e.g. you want to reach lumberjacks in Canada), a manual search is needed to find the missing contacts.

Do I need any additional tools/add-ons to use RightHello efficiently?

P: Being more serious – to launch a cold mailing campaign you should have a tool to send emails and I’m naturally not talking about a free Gmail account. Tools like Woodpecker would be my suggestion.

What kind of information can I actually collect using RightHello?

P: You get the following:

  • name and last name
  • job title
  • email address
  • company name
  • company website
  • company social media account (LinkedIn/Xing/Angellist/Crunchbase, etc.)

Plus, you have the information about the industry the company is in and its size. For some industries, it’s also possible to get the telephone number.

How many contacts can I have per month?

P: There are 4 standard plans to choose from, 1 000, 2 000, 5 000 or 10 000 contacts, and you get them as a single package. If you need more than that, it’s discussed individually.

How much is it?

P: It depends on which services you would like to purchase. If it’s only the contacts, the price is ranging from 0,34 EUR per contact when buying 10 000 of them to 0,59 EUR per contact when buying only 1 000 records. If you’re interested in getting just the email pitch, it’s 500 EUR. For strategy and technical setup, it’s 800 EUR. All of the above are one-time fees. Price of the Premium package is calculated individually.

Is there a free trial?

P: Sure! You get an access to our app for 7 days during which you can check how it works, look through our companies list and request 50 free, manually-performed contact searches.

Our experience with RightHello



Company classification & flexible search

Basically, the classification is based on pre-defined tags and allows you to filter companies you want to contact more precisely. There are over 30 pre-defined company categories, some of which are divided into sub-categories. That makes the filtering so much easier, which, I imagine, could potentially save hours those who used to do their prospecting on LinkedIn.


RightHello offers a complex catalog of companies to choose from. Plus, the solution is a stand-alone app, which means you don’t need to pay additionally for advanced filtering options on platforms like LinkedIn.

You can also start your search from job titles so from people instead of companies. That makes the app flexible and easy to fit into various types of prospecting processes.


The option to upload your own blacklists

A nice feature to mention here is also the ability to upload lists of emails or domains you don’t want to contact for sure. So if you have a list of present customers, you can upload it to RightHello before you even start the search to be sure you don’t get any duplicates on your cold emailing lists. That’s especially important in the light of the fact that you use your credits for each contact you order.


The quality of company descriptions

The descriptions of companies are rich in information, as they are combined from various platforms. Additionally, you can use your own keywords while searching companies to either include or rule out from your list.

So let’s say you’re looking for software houses but only those that specialize in Unity. In such a case, you put “Unity” in your keywords, and the companies get filtered for you immediately. That’s something to play with if you aim at a high-level customization in your outbound campaigns.

One click to go to a company website

That’s a useful feature if you put some more time into researching the companies you are going to contact. When you click on the name of the company in the RightHello catalog, you’ll get immediately to the company website. A simple yet, from my point of view, a necessary feature that I personally appreciate very much.

Automatic gender detection & vocative form for the first name in Polish

That’s something unique, for sure, nonetheless useful exclusively to Polish customers. You see, names in Polish get marked with suffixes when used in different cases. We have a special case for the name when we write (or speak) referring directly to someone. It’s called vocative. So when in English you write “Hello Maria” (lucky you), Polish requires us to write “Dzień dobry Pani Mario“.

RightHello allows you to automatically add another column to your contact list with this declinated form of a Polish name. Which means you don’t have to do this yourself with each and every name on your list of contacts (such a drag…) Plus, you can also add another column with gender specification, which then, allows you to easily divide a Polish cold email campaign into versions for male and female prospects. For those of you who don’t know, Polish also requires different grammatical marks on verbs for males and females.

In a nutshell, two unique features saving Polish campaign senders tons of time.



Access to free trial

There is no way to sign up for a free trial without a live demo first. Although I understand possible reasons behind the approach, I think this may be a deal-breaker for many potential customers. It’s something I would definitely work on in the future.


Because the app provides a lot of possibilities, the panel involves a lot of elements. There are still some improvements to be done in the UI which definitely affects the UX. The app could definitely work faster.

Additionally, there are some parts of the panel that are not self-explanatory. Live demo helps a lot. Had I tried figuring the panel myself for the first time, I would definitely have had some difficulties.

Shortcomings in filtering

While playing with the filtering, I noticed that sometimes you get one or two companies that don’t belong to the group you wanted to filter. For instance, I chose companies from the UK, and I got one company from the United States on the list, plus a few companies with “no data” in the Location field. I found a company from Switzerland on the list of companies from the Netherlands.

In both cases, that was a very small fraction of the filtered group. But still, when I think about it in terms of adding a whole list of contacts in bulk to my prospect list, the filtering is something I’d like to be able to trust entirely.

To sum up

  • RightHello is a stand-alone web application which allows you to build contact lists for outbound B2B campaigns.
  • You can filter companies using pre-defined tags relating to the specifics of a company you’re looking for, such as company size, location, market, year of establishment. You can also narrow down your search to specific kind of people you want to get in touch with.
  • Moreover, you can type your own keywords which is a great option to have if you’re looking for a niche businesses.
  • At times, you need to double check your list to see if the filtered companies are the ones you hoped for.
  • A huge plus is that you can upload your own blacklist so you won’t get the companies you reached out to before.
  • When you find a company you want to get in touch with, you can visit their website by simply clicking the company name, which saves you some time.
  • Polish users will be happy with the fact that you can add a column for gender specification and vocative form, then the right suffixes are added; that’s very helpful.
  • The price per contact is not low, but RightHello pays a lot of attention to the quality of their lists, so I’d say it a fair price for the quality they deliver.

Hope this post will help you decide in RightHello would be a good fit for your outbound prospecting process. If you haven’t tried them yet, sign up for a demo on their website and give it a try.

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