How We Got Our First 10 Customer Interviews with Cold Email

It was another regular team meeting. Except it wasn’t regular, as we had just decided to pivot. From a widely available workout plan design service to SaaS exclusively for personal fitness trainers. And what is the first thing to do when you decide it’s time to pivot? Obviously, you need customer interviews — you need to ask people if they would be interested in your new idea.

But we couldn’t just go and ask people on the streets, as we were 8 time zones away from our prospects. And the easiest way to contact your prospects (even on the same continent) is to send them an email.

“Ok, sounds like a plan. All we need is a short, simple, polite, non-intrusive email that will get us some interviews with potential customers and let us move forward with our new idea. Yeah, so there is like 15 minutes left till the end of the meeting…

So let’s think of what we’re going to write and then we will write tomorrow and send on the next day, right? Wrong. Let’s just put a couple of sentences together and send them to several people just to check if they respond.”

We composed a four-line email including only the gist of our idea and a short CTA (call to action) at the end: “If you’re interested, drop me an email.”

It took about ten minutes from typing the first word to pressing the ‘Send’ button. Ok, that was quick. Now all we had to do was wait for some replies. “Some”, huh, ONE would be great for starters! We thought if we got replies to 2 or 3 out of 10 sent emails — that would be awesome. Well, considering the fact that we spent like 10 minutes to write the email, we shouldn’t expect… <Ding-ding>

(Ok, I know “ding, ding” is not what an incoming email sounds like, but what does it sound like, really?)

And that’s how we got a reply to our first cold email. 3 minutes after we sent it. 13 minutes after we thought, ‘Hmm, ok, maybe we could send a cold email?’. The reply was: “I might be…send me some stuff on it.”



Ok, it isn’t one of those dazzling stories of “How We Earned 100K in a Month”, or “How We Got Ourselves a Thousand Users Overnight”. That’s a story of a beginning.

We had just an idea and a piece of underdeveloped software we could adapt for the new purposes. What we did was: asked first, developed next. After the first reply we got some more. Then we sent more emails asking for opinion and some professional advice, and got more replies. That’s how we got our first 10 interviews with experts in the field and prospects.

Then we sent more emails with some detailed questions, and got more replies. That’s how we did our research and discovered the needs of our prospects. That’s how we found a direction for the development of our new software.

What’s in it for you?

I’d like you to remember three things out of this story.

One: If you’ve got a great idea for an app, product, or service – send some emails first to check how great the idea really is in the eyes of your potential users. Don’t wait till you’ve got it all set up. Ask first, develop next.

I know it seems a bit ‘easier said than done’. I know it seems difficult when you realize how much work you have to do before you even start developing your idea. We felt that, too. But in the long run it was so worth it.

Two: If you haven’t seen cold emails as something more than a way of marketing, then stop right there and give it some more thought. Email is a good way for the ‘asking first’ part. You can cold email waaay before you start your first marketing campaign.

Three: If you are to write an email, put a few short and concise sentences together and send away. ‘Easier said than done’ again, huh? Look, the truth is that we could take 10 minutes to put together a nice email, because we had some previous experience with sending cold emails (well, at least some of us).

And yes, putting the right words together isn’t easy, especially if you’re about to reach out to someone who hasn’t got the haziest idea who you are and what you want from them. That’s why so many people don’t believe cold emailing works. It takes time to be able to write effective cold emails in ten minutes. And you can only get there with lots of practice.

Did we know that the email we sent was going to work? No! We wrote it and sent it to see what we would get in return. Then we concluded, improved, and tested again.

Why cold emails?

We got ourselves authentic first-hand research materials, a number of beta testers, some precious relationships with fitness pros (some of whom became our regular advisors later). We got hundreds of trial accounts and our first premium users. And all these we got with cold email. Not a penny spent on research and adds (oh, by the way, we’re a bootstrap).

It wasn’t just with the first message we put together in 10 minutes, of course. For over two years, we’ve sent thousands of messages to our prospects. We changed the words, the length, the tone, the purpose. We tested, concluded, and tested all over again.


In the upcoming posts, we’ll be showing you what we’ve learned about ‘the art of cold emailing’ and how we’re still learning.

Stay tuned for more not-so-dazzling stories with a valuable moral, some email templates, stats, and advice from those who once succeeded (and more than once failed).


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  • Cathy, I’ve recently started following your blog. Your advice is very practical and useful. Your precise writing does reflect the investment you’ve made a long ago.

    As a matter of fact, so far you’re one of the 3 bloggers I’ve subscribed for their newsletters. Moreover, the other two bloggers are within my industry where you’re outside my industry.

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